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Mac Victor 1.5

The Mac Victor 1.5 is a Very High Quality, wall mounted, centralized, isolated power supply and battery backup system for the most critical electronic loads in Convenience Store, Restaurant, and Retail applications to improve business performance.  The Mac Victor 1.5 product line is U.L. 1778 Listed, 2nd Edition UPS Accessory Maintenance Bypass Cabinet .

  • The Mac Victor 1.5 is a unique and fully integrated electrical power system for your most critical electronic networks.
  • Provides a dedicated, isolated power source for critical electronic networks with the “Newly Derived Isolated Ground” (NDIG) technology for direct wiring to remote Isolated Ground (IG) receptacles and hard wired control panels.
  • Provides clean and continuous, single phase, electrical power and minimizes data communication problems associated with the “multiple-phasing” of network power.
  • Reduces both operating and maintenance expenses from downtime due to software lockups and hardware failures.
  • Increases revenues with continuous system operation during power failures and other power quality disturbances.
  • Easy to override with “make before break” bypass technology for emergencies.
  • Input and output power pilot lights for status indication and diagnosis.

Mac Victor 1.5 and IG Power Strips

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Mac Victor 1.5 with Dedicated Panel for Clean Power


Mac Victor 1.5 Installation Manual

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